The Robo Rhythm EP!

After nearly nine months of writing, mixing, and mastering, I'm proud to say that I've finally finished work on the 'Robo Rhythm EP.'  With six tracks running about a half-hour long, this is by far the biggest project that I have ever completed.

Each of the tracks can be downloaded individually; or, you can grab the entire EP here: Download

I'll let my music speak for itself.  Here is a brief analysis of each track:

01. Consciousness - Dubstep - 140 bpm - Key: G minor
This track is more of a melodic, chilled out tune with a big bassline.  It's not unlike the more lead-based tracks that I used to produce.

02. Robo Rhythm - Glitch Hop - 95 bpm - Key: F minor
The title track of my EP.  Really I wanted to combine a heavy bassline with a melody-driven lead.  This is the first track I've produced like this.  I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

03. Surge - Drum & Bass - 175 bpm - Key: G minor
This is the first of the Drum & Bass tracks on here.  Kind of Jump-Up influence going on here, I guess.  This was the first track I started writing for this EP.

04. Paranoid - Dubstep - 140 bpm - Key: E minor
Big booty Brostep.  This is my first (and hopefully last) foray into Brostep territory.  I wanted to make an abrasive, mindless mess of a dubstep track, and that's pretty much what I did.

05.  After Hours - Drum & Bass - 175 bpm - Key: F minor
For a long time, this was going to be the title track of the EP.  I had never been able to produce a dark Drum & Bass track that I was happy with before.  I was especially pleased with how the growling bass synths turned out.  

06. Desolate - Drum & Bass - 170 bpm - Key: Ab minor
This is one of my other favorite tracks on this release.  Super mellow Drum & Bass with a nice heavy bass line.  I chopped up a female a'capella and re-pitched it for the lead voice sound.